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Deltamix SPC

Superplasticizer for Concrete Improver



Deltamix SPC is a clear liquid multipurpose chemical admixture for preparing high quality concrete. It is a ready – to – use solution containing cure accelerating chemicals. Deltamix SPC is used as a water reducing and plasticizing admixture also to accelerate the early cure of concrete. When use as directed, it not only improves the workability or flow of the mix, but it will also increase the initial and ultimate strength characteristics of the final concrete.


  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Reduce Water/ Cement Ratio
  • Improve Workability of Concrete Mixtures
  • Fast Curing
  • Increase Ultimate Compressive Strength


1.        High Strength Concrete

The early and final strength of concrete substantially depend on the water / cement ratio. To reach a defined consistency of the concrete, the water requirement can be considerably reduced by using Deltamix SPC.

2.        Flowing Concrete

Concrete added with Deltamix SPC flows almost freely without segregation. It can be quickly and economically placed, requiring only a minimum amount of compaction. Flowing concrete easily meets the requirements of concretes used for special application such as under water structures, pumped concrete and heavily reinforced concrete.

3.        Special Concrete

Concrete with special requirement, such as high abrasion – resistance, low permeability and high chemical resistance, can be produced easily by using a higher percentage of Deltamix SPC, as much as 1,6 % by weight of the cement.


Use 200 – 800 grams Deltamix SPC for every 50 kgs bag of cement.

Deltamix SPC may be added to the mixing water. However, a better results will be achieved if Deltamix SPC is introduced at the end of mixing process. To get a maximum results, concrete materials ( sand, split and cement ) should meet the required standards.




Clear Slightly Yellow Liquid


8 – 10

Specific Gravity

1.03 – 1.05

Viscosity, cps

20 – 27


0,41,6 % based on cement weight


Deltamix SPC has a shelf life of 12 months when stored in original unopened package.


Deltamix SPC is supplied in jerican 30 litre and drum 200 litre.

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