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Deltamix CP

Water-reducing concrete admixture


Deltamix CP is a water reducing admixture, which enables the water content to perform more effectively. To by causing the cement particles which tend to agglomerate to desperse and expose a larger surface area. This effect is used to either improve workability increase strength or reduce cement content of concrete.



Improve effectiveness of water content in concrete mixes, achieve workability without loss of strength, increase strenth without loss workability, reduction in cement without loss of workability and strength, improve durability and water-tightness.


  • Improve workability, easier, quicker placing and compaction
  • Increase strength, Higher strength without increase in cement content or reduction in workability
  • Cement saving, Strength specifications and workability can be maintained with less cement
  • Improve quality, Denser close-texture concrete improves durability and surface finishes
  • Higher Cohesion, Risk of segregation and bleeding minimized
  • Chloride free, Safe in prestressed concreted and with sulphate-resisting cements and marine aggregates




The optimum dosage is best determined by site trials with the particular concrete mix, which enables the effect of workability, strength gain ad/or cement reduction to be measured. As a guide the rate of addition is generally in the range of 0.20 to 0.60 litres per 100 kg cement. The measured quantity of Deltamix CP should be added directly to the mixer preferably at the same time as the mixing water.


Spillage of Deltamix CP can be removed with water.



Calcium chloride content Nil to BS 5075
Specific gravity 1.1 – 1.2 gr/ml
Air entrainment Less than 2 % additional air is entrained at normal dosage.
Compatibility Compatible with any other admixtures with separate addition.
Setting times Negligible effect at normal dosage rates
Workability Improves concrete flow characteristic without concrete strength decrease.
Compressive strength/density Increase compressive strength up to 20% and also the density.
Durability Where the water-reducing properties of Deltamix CP are used, recent research indicates that the long-term effects of creep are also reduced.
Cohesion/seggregation Improved dispersion of cement particles increases cohesion and reduces possibilities of segregation and the formation of gravel nests increased cohesion helps produce a dense, uniform and dose texture surface without sand runs or voids.

Cement Reduction

Amont of cement saving varies with aggregate but is typically between 5-8% and saving up to 10% are possible.

Permeability Improved workability facilities placing and compaction. Reduced watercement ratio increases density and makes the concrete more waterproof.
Packaging 30 kg jerigen or 200 kg drum.



Deltamix CP is non-toxic, any splashes on skin should be washed well with water. If contact with eyes occurs wash well with water immediately and seek medical advice.


Deltamix CP is non-flammable under normal usage.

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