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Deltamix WPC


High performance additive for concrete, that increase the water tightness of concrete by reduces water absorption. Also assists maximum compaction to the fresh concrete. Increase plasticity which ensure easier workability, and increase compressive strength. The right choice for integral waterproofing admixture.


Suitable for structural and precast concrete, floor topping such as screeds and granolithic toppings. Best performance on basement slab and other underground structure.


  • Easy to use, with fixed recommended dosage.
  • Chloride free – ensuring no corrosion effect on re-bar.
  • Increase high early strength on concrete.

Instruction for use

Even though Deltamix WPC improve performance of the concrete, the concrete itself must have a good characteristic; good grading aggregates, with minimum cement content of 355 kg/m3. Normal dosage of Deltamix WPC is 3 litre / m3 with maximum dosage 5 litre / m3 of concrete. Trial mix before application on site is suggested to obtain the optimum dosage. Some retardation may occur in some case, but it will not affect the ultimate strength of the concrete, if the dosage still in control.

The fresh concrete must be cured properly to reduce the risk of concrete cracking.





Yellowish Transparent

Chloride Content


Recommended Concrete Mix Design


Cement Content

355 kg/m3 concrete

Water Cement Ratio


Initial Slump

70 mm

Normal Dosage

3.5 litre / m3

Final Slump

140 – 200 mm



Deltamix WPC is supplied in 30 litre can container and 200 litre drum


Deltamix WPC has the alkaline characteristic, prolonged contact with skin shall be avoided. Precaution on ingestion the liquid, in the event of splashes to the eyes should be washed immediately with running water, and seek for medical assistance.

CODE A9 – DC08/2019

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