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Deltagrout EA

Plasticized Expanding Grout Admixture


Deltagrout EA is a plasticizing and gas producing expanding agent, which is supplied as a powder admixture. The plasticizing agent will reduce the water cement ratio that will increase strength and durability.


Deltagrout EA is an admixture for cementitious grouts that reduces water cement ratio and generates positive expansion to compensate plastic shrinkage. Applications include bed grouting, duct grouting, non-shrink cementitious injection, non-shrink infilling and jointing.


  • Compensates for plastic shrinkage and settlement in properly designed cementitious grout.
  • Reduces water cement ratio in the grout mix to ensure low permeability and long-term durability in service.
  • Gives high grout fluidity with low water cement ratio, thus making placement or injection of the grout easy.
  • No metallic iron content to corrode and cause staining or deterioration due to rust expansion in the grout. Composition allows high early strength development in grouts, without the use of chlorides.


Deltagrout EA is a suitable grout admixture for pre-stressing works and complying with BS 8110 Part 1, 1985, section


All grouting process should be carried out with a cement-based grout mixed with a plasticized and expanding powder admixture. The admixture must be iron-free and chloride-free and shall be added to the grout in the proportions 225 grams of admixture per 50 kg of cement. The admixture shall provide an expansion of up to 4% in the plastic grout, by means of a gaseous system. The admixture must be stored, handled and mixed strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


For Cementitious Grout Injection

Mix 50 kg of Portland Cement and 20 litres of clean water, then add 225 grams of Deltagrout EA, which will give an approximate yield of 36 litres of grout injection mixes.

For Flowable Cementitious Grouts

Mix 50 kg of Portland Cement, 50 kg of sand and 20 litres of clean water, then add 225 grams of Deltagrout EA, which will give an approximate yield of 56 litres of grout mixes. In case the ratio of aggregate to cement is more than one, then dosage of Deltagrout EA can be increased up to 450 grams per 50 kg of Portland Cement.


Chloride Content Nil to BS 5075
Compressive strength The plasticizing action of Deltagrout EA allows reduction of the water cement ratio whilst maintaining flow properties. This gives improvement in strength and long-term durability when cured under restraint.
Setting times: No significantly affect the setting times of cement based grouts.
Expansion characteristics The controlled positive expansion in unset grouts incorporating Deltagrout EA overcomes plastic settlement when measured in accordance with ASTM C827. An unrestrained expansion of up to 4% is typical.
Time for expansion 15 minutes - 2 hours.
Compatibility Deltagrout EA is compatible with all types of Portland Cement.
Deltagrout EA may be used in mixes containing other Deltacrete admixtures.
Packaging Deltagrout EA is supplied in 20 kg pail.


Deltagrout EA is not compatible with High Alumina Cement.


Deltagrout EA has a shelf life of 12 months if kept in a dry store in its original packaging. Temperature and humidity storage may reduce this period.

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