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Deltaplate CFP

Heavy Duty Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plate


Deltaplate CFP is a heavy duty carbon fibre plate material for structural strengthening system. Applied with special two components material Deltaplate LA .


Increasing the strength of reinforced concrete to anticipate the change of flexural and shear load due to : loading increases, damage to structural parts, serviceability improvements, structural system changes, design or construction defects, etc.


  • Very high strength
  • Improve flexural and shear capacity
  • Easy to transport
  • Low in weight
  • Simple laminate
  • No heavy handling and installation equipment needed.
  • No joints required
  • Akali resistant.



Base Concrete Preliminary Preparation

Prepare the substrate by sand-blasting or grinding. Then clean it from grease, oil, loose particles or laitance and it must be levelled using epoxy putty. After cleaning, remove all dust from the surface with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Mixing for Deltaplate LA

Separately, mix each component in their container. Then add component B to component A using a low speed electric mixer for approx. 3 minutes, to make the appearance uniformed. Entrain as little air as possible.

When the two components are mixed, then the pot life is starting. The lower ambient temperature, the longer pot life should be. And the higher quantity of material mixed, the shorter of pot life is. To obtain longer workability at high temperatures, the mixing adhesive may divide into portion.

Application of Primer Coating

Apply the mixture of Deltaplate LA to the properly prepared substrate to form a first layer about 1 mm.

Adhesion of Deltaplate CFP

Place the Deltaplate CFP on a table and clean it. Apply Deltaplate LA with spatula onto Deltaplate CFP to 1 – 2 mm of thickness. Then place it on the prepared concrete. Press the installed Deltaplate CFP by using a roller into the epoxy material until the adhesive is force out from the sides of the Deltaplate CFP. Finally, remove the surplus of epoxy adhesive. When the Deltaplate LA has cured, remove the tear-off film on top of Deltaplate CFP.



  1. Deltaplate CFP


High Strength Carbon Laminate



Fibre Volumetric content

>68 %

Shelf Life


Tensile Strength

>3000 MPa

E Modulus

>165 GPa

Mean value of tensile strength @ break

3050 MPa

FRP Thickness

(1.2/1.4) mm



Elongation @ break

>1.7 %


1.5 g/cm3


1 roll @ 100 m


  1. Deltaplate LA


Laminate Adhesive

Adhesive Strength

>3.5 MPa

Shear Strength

>15 MPa

Compressive Strength

>60 MPa

Tensile Strength

>30 MPa

Static E Modulus

>12000 MPa

Coofficient of Thermal Expansion per 0C

9 / 10’5


8 kg/m2

For coverage per m1 depending on the width of Deltaplate CFP

Shelf life

1 year


6 kg set



Deltaplate CFP and Deltaplate LA may caused harm in some skin contact, avoid contact with skins, eyes and inhalation of vapor. Protective gloves and eyes protection are highly recommended during work of application.

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