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Deltacon QS

High Strength and Fast Setting Concrete


Deltacon QS is a ready to use two component fast setting and hardening concrete. It is only requires the addition of clean water in site to produce a highly consistent, free – flowing and high performance repair material. Part A consists of a high quality portland cement, sand and additives, packed as the powder component. Part B consists of well graded aggregates.


Deltacon QS is suitable for applications where a fast – setting general purpose concrete is desirable. Areas can be applied such as concrete roads, runways, toll road, factory floors, and areas where a traffic requires fast return to service..


•    Acceleration of strength and hardening
•    Smooth surface due to self compacting
•    Chloride free
•    Can be applied up to 12 cm thickness and for more thickness can be done layer by layer.


Deltacrete strongly suggest that be application of this material can only be executed by experienced and competent applicator as authorized by Deltacrete.

Surface Preparation
Surface must be clean and sound. Remove all deteriorated concrete, dust, dirt, oil, grease, and other bond – inhibiting materials. If the area wavy, level area before application.

Use hand mixer or high speed mixer for best result. Mix 4.4 litres of clean water and partial part B stir only short time. Add 25 kg bag of Deltacon QS and partial part B, mix until the concrete saturated around 5 minutes to achieve desired consistency. If the material becomes difficult to mix, add small amounts of water and continue to mix and sure all material is uniformly mixed.

Placing & Curing
Apply Deltacon QS according to good concreting practice.
Apply Deltacon SB1 as curing agent then put the wet sack on top of Deltacon QS.
The application can be trafficked after 4 hours.

Deltacon QS has a shelf life of 12 months if kept in a dry store in sealed bags.


Working life : 30 minutes @ 25  0 C
Initial setting time 35 minutes @ 25 0 C
Final setting time 40 minutes @ 25  0 C
Traffic time (@25   0 C)
Pedestrian :
Vehicular :
2 hours
4 hours
Compressive Strength :
4 Hours 300 – 350 kg/cm2
28 Days 500 – 600 kg/cm2
Flexural strength ( 4 hours ) 4 MPa
Packaging and Size Part A : 25 kgs bag ; part B : 12.2 kgs bag



Deltacon QS may cause irritation if contact with eye and skin. Avoid direct contact with eye & skins.
Mask, protective gloves, eye protection and protective cloth are highly recommended during work of application.


Deltacon QS is non – flammable material.


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