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Deltarod CFR

Carbon Fibre Rod Strengthening System


Deltarod CFR is a heavy duty carbon fibre reinforced rod material for structural strengthening system. Inserted under the concrete surface with special two components material Deltafix EP .


Increasing the strength of reinforced concrete to anticipate the change of flexural and shear load due to : increase of loading capacity, changes of building utilization, repairing of defects, etc. It can be applied on beams, columns, walls, floor slabs, etc.


  • Very high strength
  • Improve flexural and shear capacity
  • Easy to transport and low in weight
  • Simple application and no joints required
  • No heavy handling and installation equipment needed.
  • Alkali and corrosive resistant.


Base Concrete Preliminary Preparation

Cut the concrete surface for rod insertion space. Then clean it from loose particles with an industrial vacuum cleaner. Ensure there is a space minimum of 5 mm between the rod and the concrete service.

Mixing for Deltafix EP

Apply the already mixed Deltafix EP to the prepared substrate by hand glove or trowel. Ensure it fully fill the insertion area.

Installation of Deltarod CFR

Insert Deltarod CFR into the insertion area which already filled with Deltafix EP. Compact the epoxy putty with trowel to ensure there are no voids. Ensure there is a cover thickness of minimum 1 (one) cm.


  1. Deltarod CFR
Type High Strength Carbon Fibre Re-Bar (Rod)
Fibre Volumetric content >68 %
Shelf Life Unlimited
Tensile Strength >2400 Mpa (ACI 440.1R-01)
E Modulus >200 Gpa (ACI 440.1R-01)
Diameter 3 – 19 mm
Elongation at break >1.5% (ACI 440.1R-01)
Package 3m (Air Freight), 5-12m (Sea Freight)
  1. Deltafix EP
Type Epoxy Mortar for Repair Adhesive
Compressive Strength (7 days curing time) 55-65 N/mm2
Flexural Strength (7 days curing time) 30-40 N/mm2
Tensile Strength (7 days curing time) 18-25 N/mm2
Bond Strength (1 day curing time) Failure at concrete


Deltarod CFR and Deltafix EP may caused harm in some skin contact, avoid contact with skins, eyes and inhalation of vapor. Protective gloves and eyes protection are highly recommended during work of application.


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