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Deltafloor TC301

High Performance Epoxy Resin Floor Coating


A two-component epoxy resin floor coating that suitable for top coat of epoxy resin flooring system. Deltafloor TC301 forms a gloss, impervious finish which is hard and smooth layer with excellent adhesion to concrete substrate. A wide range of colour is also provided to ensure the customer need.


Deltafloor TC301 is recommended to areas where chemical resistance and aesthetic aspects are required. Deltafloor TC301 is recommended for use in floor of warehouses, industrial and food processing areas, kitchen, laboratory, engineering workshops, and car parks.


  • Impervious seamless and jointless surface
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Hygienic
  • Chemical resistance and have aesthetic state of art


Deltafloor TC301 consumption is 450 gram/m2 for 300 mikron thickness and 750 gram/m2 for 500 mikron thickness. Please kindly contact DELTACRETE to have appropriate technical assistance for the recommended thickness since material performance may vary at different surface.


For best performance of Deltafloor TC301, please kindly follow our recommendation. Preparation is a must before application. For new concrete, allow the concrete to cure at least 28 days. Humidity is not more than 75% measured in accordance with BS 8203. Since Deltafloor TC301 is relatively thin coating, the substrate must be fine textured. Any surface irregularities may show through causing excessive wear on high spots. Concrete substrate must be structurally sound, clean, dry and free from all traces of loose material, laitance, oil and grease. Any unsound material must be removed before application. Preparation by captive blasting or diamond grinding is ideal for surface preparation. Priming using Deltaprime Series will enhance the ahesion of top coat with the concrete. Deltafloor Color Pot should be mixed thoroughly with component A (enamel) first before further action. The two component of Deltafloor TC301 (component A and B) should be stirred individually before mixed together. Put both component in a mixing vessel and mix them thoroughly using low speed drill and mixing paddle mixer. Continue mixing process until a consistence homogeneous mixture achieved, normally it needed 3-5 minutes. Apply the mixed Deltafloor TC301 onto prepared surface using a brush or roller. Ensure that the area is completely coated and that 'ponding' material does not occur. Apply the second coat as soon as the first coat is initially dried ( typically 5 - 6 hours ).


Tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately after use, while the mixture are still un-cured with solvent cleaner. When mixture already harden, please kindly remove the material mechanically.

CURING TIME (at 30o C)

Pot Life 20 minutes
STT 5-6 hours
Initially hardness 24 hours
Fully cured after 7 days

(ambient temperature may have some effect on the curing time)


Form Liquid (component A and B)
Colour Component A = Colour ; Component B = Clear
Mix Density 1.36 kg/litre
Shelf Life 1 year when unopened and stored in dry conditions
Packaging 5.0 kg set (Component A + B + Color pot)
Comp. A (enamel) : 3.785 kg/can <
Comp. B (hardener) : 0.975 kg/can
Color pot : 0.24 kg/can


Deltafloor TC301 should not applied on the surface known to, or likely to suffer from, rising dampness, potential osmosis problems or have a relative humidity greater than 75%. If movement or cracking of the substrate takes place after application then reflective cracking of topping may occur. Ambient temperature when application is more than 100 C.


Deltafoor range of products can cause skin irritations in persons with sensitive skin. Wear protective clothing like gloves, goggles and respiratory equipment, particularly in confined spaces. Ensure adequate ventilation and avoid inhalation of vapors. If splashed into the eyes, nose, mouth or throat, flush immediately with plenty of clean, warm water and seek medical attention without delay.


Deltafloor TC301 is flammable material. Keep it away from source of ignition. Smoking is not allowed during material application. In the event of fire, extinguish with CO2 or foam.


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