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Deltafloor CLT

Self levelling Cementitious Flooring


Deltafloor CLT is a self levelling mortar as a material for facing concrete floor. It can be use for underlayment or overlayment applications. It is made from specially graded materials like cement, mineral fillers, binder and additive mixed homogenously. Deltafloor CLT is a powder form and available in light yellow colour.

When mixed with water, Deltafloor CLT is becomes a self – levelling compound which easy to apply either by hand or pump in thickness from 2 to 3 mm. After setting, in only a few hours, Deltafloor CLT has high early strength, dries quickly so that any further finishing may be applied after a very short time.


Deltafloor CLT can be used to get levelling and smoothing floor. It is suitable for internal and eksternal application in industrial and public applications, such as :

1. For old or new floor, such as pedestrian traffic at shopping centres/ supermarkets, restaurants, appartments, show room, etc.

2. For receiving carpets, vinyl tiles, etc (Underlayment)

3. For industrial floors, such as chemical and processing plants, that must be protected with epoxy or water based paints flooring.


  • Easy to use for pumped or manual application
  • Fast working time
  • High early strength
  • Good levelling
  • Good adhesion on the substrates
  • Cost effective


Surface Preparation

  1. New concrete should be at least 7 days old or more
  2. New and old concrete must be clean and free from contaminants, dust and dirt in order to obtain a good bond
  3. Repair the holes on substrate


  1. The prepared surface must be primed with Deltabond SB/ Deltabond SB1 using roller or brush with coverage 1 kg/4m2.
  2. Apply an even coat of Deltabond SB/ Deltabond SB1 after the first coat is completely dry.
  3. Ensure the coat is dry before the next coat of primer or applying Deltafloor CLT.


  1. Pour 5.75 litres of water (23% of powder) into bucket
  2. Pour 25 kgs (1 bag) of Deltafloor CLT into water
  3. Mix for 2 – 3 minutes or until no agglomeration of Deltafloor CLT.


  1. Pour Deltafloor CLT mixture onto primed surface
  2. Spread it with trowel
  3. It is recommended that applicators wear spikes shoes during applications
  4. Use spike roller to minimize the bubble/microfoam in Deltafloor CLT mixture
  5. Coverage of Deltafloor CLT is 6 kg powder/m2 for 2 – 3 mm thick

Curing and Treatment

-       Under normal interior conditions, curing is not required

-       Where rapid drying conditions (high temperature, direct sunlight), it should be covered with plastic film for at least 1 or 3 days.


The equipment after application should be removed with clean water. Cured material can be removed mechanically, or with weak acid.





Light Yellow

Thickness of application

2 – 3 mm

Compressive strength

@ 1 day

@ 7 days

@ 28 days

100 – 150 kg/cm2

150 – 250 kg/cm2

250 – 350 kg/cm2

Pot life

40 minutes

Setting Time

1 – 2 hours

Foot Trafic

24 hours


25 kg of PE bag



Deltafloor CLT is cementitious based and has a shelf life of 6 months if stored in cool dry place and sealed packaging. Keep and avoid direct Deltafloor CLT from rain and sunlight.


  • Do not use Deltafloor CLT for heavy duty application
  • Do not add cement or any admixture
  • Do not use Deltafloor CLT on wet substrate
  • Working life would be shortened at higher temperature


  • Avoid eye and skin contact as the product is alkaline
  • Avoid inhalation of dust during mixing
  • Wash thoroughly after handling
  • In case of eye contact, flush with plenty of clean water. Seek medical help immediately.


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