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Deltacoat PM

Water Based Floor

Deltacoat PM is ready-to-use stone coating and road marking paint that can protect deep into the stone pores and displays the beauty of the stone pattern. Deltacoat PM is a versatile and durable solution for achieving a glossy finish on various surfaces, enhancing their aesthetic appeal and protecting them from damage and wear.

Deltacoat PM can be applied natural stone, artificial stone (made of cement), exposed brick, tile, sculputure/relief.

•    Easy to apply
•    Enhance glossy
•    Weather and Light Fast Resistance
•    Chemical Resistance
•    Good adhesion on the substrates
•    Cost effective

The coverage of Deltacoat PM is approximately 200 gr/m2 for two times coating.

-    Make sure the substrate is clean, sound, free of dust, dirt, oils and grease, efflorescence and old paint coatings.
-    The substrate must look dry with no damp patches.
-    Any cracks of more than 300 µm must be repaired first prior to carry out the hydrophobic treatment.

Stir thoroughly prior to use. Can be applied using roller or brush. The tow ‘wet on wet’ are needed to ensure complete coverage. If it starts to rain, stop the application and cover the impregnated areas. Allow 6 hours dry time.

Tools and equipment should be cleaned immediately after use, while the mixture are still uncured with solvent cleaner. When mixture already harden, please kindly remove the material mechanically.

Do not apply Deltacoat PM to areas where Thinner is used.





Clear and colors (depends on customer request)

Liquid Density

0.97 kg/L


20 L of pail

Storage Conditions

Always stir well before use. Store in a dry and cool place. Protect against sun. Protect against frost. Store container in a well ventilated place.


Deltacoat PM is solvent – based product. Make sure the applicator uses personal protective equipment before application. Keep unprotected persons away. In case contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water for 10 -15 minutes. In case contact with skin, remove contaminated or soaked clothing, immediately rinse with plenty of soap and water.

Deltacoat PM is flammable, and this product will flash but does not sustain combustion. Hydrolyzes on contact with moisture releasing ignitable vapors. Consider possible formation of explosive mixtures with air.

CODE D9 – 11/23


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