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Deltastop PVC

Centrally Placed PVC Waterstop

Deltastop PVC waterstops are manufactured from a high quality virgin PVC compound which has been formulated to give excellent flexibility and durability. They are available as straight lengths and factory produced intersections. Deltastop PVC centrally placed PVC waterstops are suitable for use in contact with potable water. Deltastop PVC waterstops are extruded in various range of profiles.

Basement and underground structure, dam, culvert, canal, bridge deck, swimming pool, reservoir, water tank, tunnel and subways, concrete roof and retaining wall.

Flexible to accommodate movement, simple on site jointing, four bulbs profile for excellent performance, reinforced eyeleted for positive fixing, suitable for portable water usage.

The appropriate waterstop width depends upon the concrete thickness. The width of waterstop should not be greater than the thickness of the concrete. Deltastop PVC has two types, namely for construction joints and expansion joints.

Deltastop PVC
should be installed by experience person so that they are securely held in their position while the concrete is being placed. Concrete must be fully compacted around the waterstops to ensure that no voids or porous area remain. The brass eyelets used for securing the waterstops are located outside the edge bulbs so as not to create water paths around the profile.

Do not inhale fumes when splicing.

Do not expose to sunlight for extended periods.

Deltacrete offers technical support package to consultants, contractors and users, as well as on site technical assistance.


Form Extruded Thermoplastic Sections
Tensile Strength > 14.5 N/mm2
Elongation At Break > 330 %
Hardness Shore ‘A’ > 70
Service Temperature - 10 to 550 C
Colour Black

For construction joint:
Deltastop PVC 150C 150 mm x 20 m roll
Deltastop PVC 200C 200 mm x 20 m roll
Deltastop PVC 250C 250 mm x 20 m roll

For expansion joint:
Deltastop PVC 150E 150 mm x 15 m roll
Deltastop PVC 200E 200 mm x 15 m roll
Deltastop PVC 250E 250 mm x 12 m roll

Deltastop PVC waterstops should be stored under covered condition.

Hot weld jointing of PVC waterstops results in the generation hydrogen chloride mist and vapour, therefore ventilation must be provided. Wear suitable protective clothing, eye protection, gloves and respiratory equipment during welding process.

Deltastop PVC is a flammable material.

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