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Deltaproof PUW20

PU Water Based Waterproofing Coating


Deltaproof PUW20 is excellent thixotropic elastic waterproofing, as well as high performance decorative coating, designed for horizontal and vertical structures. It is formulated with the latest PU Acrylic technology for exterior and interior applications. Deltaproof PUW20 superiority supports the need of decorative waterproof coating on various surfaces such as metal, concrete, brick wall, GRC, gypsum, etc with good levelling properties.


  • Water–based, no–toxic, odourless, low Volatile Organic Compound
  • Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray
  • Available in 2 colours ( Grey and White )

 ADVANTAGES : As Waterproofing

  • Highly elastic and crack bridging
  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate even non porous substrate
  • UV resistance and very good dirt resistance
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Seamless membrane
  • Good resistance to light foot traffic


Waterproofing solution for concrete roof deck.

Waterproofing solution for external wall/ facade as well as decorative finishing.


Performances : As Decorative & Finish Coat

  • Good levelling performance
  • Excellent colour durability (non-fading colorant)
  • Washable
  • Excellent Chalking resistance


As waterproofing & Protective           : 1 kg/ 1 m2

As decorative & Finish Coat              : 1 kg/ 2 m2



Surface Preparation

Correct substrate surface preparation is essential for new or remedial application

Concrete/cement surfaces to be treated must be clean, free from dirt, rust, grease, oil, mould or any other loose material. Make sure mouldy areas are wirebrushed, clean with soap and water then brushed again to eliminate any eliminate any remaining dirt. For optimum adhesion result of the Deltaproof PUW20 coat, the surface preferably primed with a Deltabond SB1 & cement mixture.


  • Deltaproof PUW20 can be easily brushed or rolled into hairline cracks in the concrete or wall.
  • To cover wide cracks Deltaproof PUW20 can be mixed with fine sand ( max 30 mesh ) in 1:1 by volume.
  • For areas where there are, wide crack, movement, strain, traffic, reinforcement is recommended by incorporating Polyester Mesh/ Supermesh into the first wet coat. A second coat of Deltaproof PUW20, or more coats if necessary, is the applied.


  • As Waterproofing & Protective

Brush / Roller application & Spray :

       Apply Deltaproof PUW20 evenly to the substrate surface following the recommended dosage. Ensure   the coat is dry before the next coat.

       Spray application :

       Deltaproof PUW20 is suitable for use with a spray system.

  • As Decorative & Finish Coat

Brush / Roller application :

Apply Deltaproof PUW20 evenly to the substrate surface following the recommended dosage. Ensure the coat is dry before the next coat. It is recommended to use thin and smooth feather roller.

Spray application :

Deltaproof PUW20 is suitable for use with a spray system.



Specific Gravity

1.25 ± 0.05

Viscosity (Brookfield RVDV-E, Spindle 6; 20 rpm) cps

19.000 – 25.000

Touch Dry

30 – 60 minutes (depend on temperature)

Final Set

2 – 3 hours (depend on temperature & humidity)

Light Foot Traffic (Open Air)

24 hours

Tensile Strength (ASTM D412)

Above 2.0 Mpa

Elongation at Break (ASTM D412)

Above 300 %

Adhesion (ASTM D4541 – 85)

Above 2.0 Mpa


4 kg gallon and 20 kg pail


Deltaproof PUW20 is non-flammable materials.


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