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Deltaproof TR

Traffic Resistant Waterproofing


Deltaproof TR is one component liquid water based waterproofing that is specially formulated for tropical climate protection. By using a high quality polymer, Deltaproof TR has characteristics that are excellent resistant to abrasion, weather and UV (ultra violet).

Normally applied in 4 coats incorporates with a layer of fiberglass / polyster mesh to develop high tensile strength waterproofing membrane and trafficable by foot or vechiles with ruber or plastic wheels.


Waterproofing for trafficable areas.


  • Easy application
  • Excellent adhesion & totally seamless
  • Traficable to foot, vehicle with rubber or plastic wheel
  • High elasticity over wide temperature range and specially modified for tropical climate protection.


Surface Preparation

Ensure that works surface is well braced against movement and deflection, all concrete must stell trowel, water falls toward outlets / gutter and water must not pond, clean, free from dust, oil, debris, and grind off all projected sharp objects. Concrete must fully cured.


  • 1. Primer
  • Wet works surface to reduce heat or surface temperature to avoid air pockets or reactions during priming process. To fill the pores, prime works surface thogroughly with Deltaproof TR ( 400 grams diluted it with max 15 % water, coverage 0.44 kg/m2 ).

  • 2. Wet on wet Application – 1st coat, Fiberglass/ Polyester Mesh and 2nd coat
  • Apply 1st coat with Deltaproof TR ( 200 grams dilute it with max 15 % water, coverage 0.23 kg/ m2 ). Instanlly lay one layer of fiberglass or polyester mesh. Apply 2nd coat with Deltaproof TR ( 200 grams dilute it with water water max 15 %, coverage 0.23 kg/ m2 ) to press down fiberglass and ensure no air entrapment or bridging. Ensure 2nd coats fully dry before installation of the next coat.

    Remove excess fiberglass strand from the finished surface. Ensure fully dry before installation of the finish coat.

  • 3. Finish Coat
  • Apply again with minimum 2 coats of Deltaproof TR ( each coverage 0.4 kg/m2 ). If any holes, repeat finish coat until non – holes when dry. Allow coating to dry between each coats.


    Form Liquid
    Colour Milky White
    Specific Gravity 1.42 gr/ ml
    Hardness ( shore A ) 55
    Tensile at break ( Mpa ) 8.27
    Elongation at break ( % ) 1.57
    Wet scrub resistance > 6000 cycle
    Coverage ( 4 x coating ) 1.6 kg/ m2


    Deltaproof TR is non – flammable material

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