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Deltacrys Admix

Waterproof Concrete Additive Crystalline System


Deltacrys Admix is designed to enhance concrete by effectively waterproofing the concrete and reducing the shrinkate cracks. This provides a cost effective solution to membrane systems while increasing concrete's durability. Deltacrys Admix is added to fresh concrete easily at the batch plant or directly into ready mix trucks. It works to continuously prevent moisture from penetrating through the Concrete by creating a catalytic chemical reaction within the pores and capillaries to enhance the hydration process of the cement component within the concrete. The enhanced hydration process not only provides waterproofing characteristics to the concrete, it also allows for an increased ability to self-heal micro cracking upon the presence of moisture.


  • Is a one time only application for the lite of the concrete.
  • Is user friendly and easy to apply.
  • Is permanent for the life of the concrete.
  • Is added directly to the fresh concrete during mixing or premixed with cement powder.


  • Will reduce shrinkage cracks by up to 60%
  • Will reduce water demand by approximately 7%
  • Will continually improve impermeability benefits with time.
  • Will assist concrete in the hydration process
  • Will protect against water penetration by autogenously healing future micro-cracking
  • Will reactivate the waterproofing mechanism should water be present in the future
  • Will increase the durability of the concrete
  • Will protect against cracking and spalling
  • Will stop water penetration into the concrete
  • Will provide the best quality to cost ratio in the industry


- Swimming pools - Sewage and water treatment plants
- Tunnels and subway systems - Water towers and water reservoirs
- Parking garages - Marine structures
- All below grade concrete foundations - Concrete Pipes
- Roof tops - Bridge decks
- Basements - Concrete walls and floor


Deltacrys Admix is a dry powder that may be added directly to the wet mix concrete during batching or added directly to the ready mix truck prior to arrival at the site or at the site. To offset increased slump and workability.

Mix for 10 minutes at high speed before placing to ensure a thorough mix. Should a super plasticizer be required, add it after the addition of the Deltacrys Admix. Do not add water to the mix to increase sump. Place the concrete within 45 minutes to utilize the maximum benefits of flow and placement values. Avoid early finishing and over towelling.


Color Gray
Appearance Granular powder
Max Particle Size US mesh 30
Solids 100%
Bulk density 1.30
PH 13
Water Resistance 170 m head pressure
Curing Standard concrete wet curing procedures
Packaging 25 kg Bag


Dosage is 2% of cement content = 2 kg of Deltacrys Admix per 100 kg of cement. Concrete with higher cement contents will require proportionally more Deltacrys Admix.


This material becomes caustic when mixed with water or perspiration. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. In case of skin contact, wash with soap and water. Flush eyes immediately with warm water for several minutes. If ingested, do not induce vomiting. If victim is alert, give two glasses of water. Avoid breathing dust. Wear long sleeves, eye goggles and a dust mask. See the material safety data sheet for this product.


Deltacrys Admix is non-flammable materials.

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