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Deltatorch 3000

Torch Applied Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane


A quality torch applied membrane manufactured from premium grade heavily modified bitumen, reinforced with a core of non-woven polyester fabric that gives good waterproofing properties.


For flat or pitched roofs, basements, floor slabs, car parks, tunnels and subways, foundations, and concrete retaining structures. Can also be applied in new constructions and the renewal works.


  • Resist stresses due to building movement,
  • Easily installed by flame torching method,
  • Has good flexibility,
  • Durable system for hot climates.



Surface Preparation and Priming

The area is to be waterproofed must be smooth, clean and free from defects or irregularities, which might damage the membrane, use a wire brush or broom to remove dirt, dust or any residues, then apply one layer of Deltaproof Primer on the surface with a rate of about 250 – 800 grams/m2, depending on the porosity of the surface, and then let it dry thoroughly.


The membrane is then unrolled and placed in the correct position where it is to be torched on later. During each stage, each roll must overlap the next layer at least 8 cm. The membrane is then re-rolled again without changing the given orientation, and then it is very slowly unrolled again and lightly heats the surface transversely, by means of propane gas torch, which will cause surface melting for subsequent adhesion to the concrete surface.



For roofing or other structures directly exposed to ultra violet light, it is suggested that Deltatorch 3000 is protected with 2-3 cm of cement screed


Thickness 3 mm ± 0.2 mm
Colour Black
Dimension of the roll 1 x 10m
Weight of the roll ± 35 kgs


Characteristic Value
Coating bitumen APP
Impregnation of the reinforcement APP
Reinforcement non-woven polyester 180 g/m2
Tensile strength longitudinal ? 800 N/5cm
Tensile strength transversal ? 700 N/5cm
Elongation (EN 13707 2004) Long 40 %
Trans 40 %
Puncture Resistance Static L4 not punctured by 25 kg – 10mm ball
Dynamic I4 not punctured by 9 joules – 5 mm ball
Low temperature flexibility - 5 ºC to -10 ºC no cracking
Softening point ? 140 ºC
Water tightness Highly Permeable



Due to Deltatorch 3000 using torch in application, some preventive steps shall be conducted. Fire extinguisher device shall be prepared before application. Deltatorch 3000 does not contain any dangerous substance, coal tar or asbestos material.



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