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Deltatorch Primer

Primary Coating for Waterproofing Membrane


Deltatorch Primer is a bituminous liquid that seals porous surfaces, such as concrete and when used improves the adhesion of bituminous materials that are to be applied to the substrate. Deltatorch Primer is the primary material for waterproofing membrane, made of polymer materials of high quality asphalt.


Use in well ventilated areas, avoid inhaling, do not smoke or allow sparks or naked light where stored or in use. Can also be applied in new constructions and the renewal works.


  • Can fill the pores on the surface of the concrete so that the waterproofing membrane can be attached to the surface very well with the existing base.
  • Can be used for all types of asphalt-based waterproofing membrane.





Deltatorch Primer should be thoroughly stirred before use and applied to the substrate by means of brush, roller or spray, at the rate of 300 gms/m2 for brush / roller application and 200 gms/m2 for spray application.


The area to be treated should be free from grease, oil, dust etc. Concrete should be cured and at least eight days old. After drying any localized discolouration of the surface should be retreated and allowed to cure.

Only primer areas that are to be covered in one day. Do not leave the primer exposed for more than 24 hours. If this should be the case, apply a further coat and allow to cure as above.

Tools may be cleaned with white spirit of paraffin.


2 hours + 1 hour depends on local weather conditions at the time of application.




Reseal containers after use.


Deltatorch Primer available in 20 liter pail.



Colour when cured Black
Specific Gravity 0.8 - 0.9
Service Temperature +50 to +500C
Shelf Life 2 years
Coverage 300 g/m2 Brush/Roller
200 g/ m2 Sprayed
Toxicity UN N0 1992
Flammable, Liquid, Toxic N.O.S)
Flashpoint 650 C – Class 3
(Primary Risk)



As with all chemical products, care should be taken during use and storage to avoid contact with foodstuffs, skin, eyes, and mouth. If accidentally ingested, Do not induce vomiting. Give copious amounts of water to drink. Keep away from children and animals, reseal containers after use.


Deltatorch Primer in a flammable material.

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