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Deltabond SB

Special Purpose Polymer Bonding Agent


Deltabond SB is a special purpose bonding agent, specially formulated from a modified styrene butadiene rubber emulsion. This white emulsion substance is ready to use, ideal for internal and external applications in conjunction with cement.


Deltabond SB is recommended for bonding freshly placed concrete and mortar; including bonding of repair mortar and concrete, construction joint.

Deltabond SB may also improved cement mortar properties such as tensile, flexural, reduced, shrinkage, water resistance, chemical resistance properties.


  • Easily measured for exact dosage.
  • Contains no chloride that may reduce strength in longer term usage.


Deltabond SB; when used as a bonding agent will give a relatively 5–10 m2/litre depending on surface texture and porosity.


Correct substrate preparation is very critical for enhancing optimum performance. Surfaces should be structurally sound, clean and free from loose particles, oil, grease or any other contaminant. All cement laitance, oil, grease, dirt, etc must be removed by using wire brush or other method.


Deltabond SB as bonding agent

All the old concrete surfaces should be saturated with water. Apply bonding coat by mixing cement with solution of 1 part of Deltabond SB and 1 part of water, into a slurry consistency, and then lay the new concrete while the bonding is still tacky.

Deltabond SB as bonding slurry

Mix Deltabond SB with Portland cement with 1 : 3 proportions, prepare Deltabond SB in a mixing bowl, mixed it with electic drill with grout stirred fitted in. Add Portland cement proportionally whilst mix it thoroughly.

Deltabond SB used as Rendering for finishing coat ( thickness 6-9 mm)

Prepare all ingredients: a bag of Portland cement (50 kg), 150 kg clean sand and 20 litre of a mixture of 1:1 Deltabond SB and clean water. Prepare Deltabond SB mixture in a mixing bowl, mixed it with electric drill with grout stirred fitted in. Add Portland cement and sand proportionally whilst mix it thoroughly until a stiff mixture formed.


Do not use Deltabond SB when exposed into a running water, exposure to heavy rainfall prior to final set may differ the end result. As bonding coat without adding cement. Avoid contact with skin or eyes; any contamination should be washed immediately with plenty of water. Gloves and protective clothing are recommended.


Type Styrene Butadiene Rubber
Colour White
Specific Gravity 1,01 kg/litre
Shelf Life 1 year when unopened
Packaging 30 kg jerry can and 150 kg drum


Avoid inhalation contact with the skin or eyes. Wear suitable protective clothing – eye protection, gloves and respiratory equipment, particularly in confined spaces. In case of contact with the skin, rinse with plenty of clean water, then cleanse thoroughly with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately.


Deltabond SB is a non-flammable material.

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