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Deltabond EPFC

Epoxy bonding agent for fresh concrete




Deltabond EPFC is a two component epoxy paste based on solvent free epoxy resin and hardener. It is used for bonding of new concrete to old concrete and as a bonding agent for bricks and steel components. It gives excellent bonding properties to freshly mixed concrete or mortars, bricks, tiles, etc.


For bonding new cementitious materials to existing cementitious surfaces. For use on horizontal surfaces and on vertical surfaces where mortar on concrete can be supported by formwork.


  • Bonding fresh concrete to cured concrete and other surfaces.
  • Bonding construction materials to dry and damp concrete surfaces.
  • High physical strengths.
  • Ideal working time.


Surface Preparation

The surface must be thoroughly cleaned and prepared. Remove all loose particles, dirt, dust, laitance, and mould release agent, curing compounds, oils, grease, floor hardeners and any waterproofing materials for best results. Remove laitance, dirt and dust by mechanical scarification such as wire brushing, scrapping, scabling or grit blasting. Clean the dust by pressurized air or by washing with water. Oil and grease should be removed by degreasing with solvents like turpentine of thiners. Visible signs of mould growth should be removed and treated with a fungicidal solutions. New concrete must be cured completely.


Deltabond EPFC may be applied by brush, roller, trowel, or by hand with rubber gloves. Overlay of concrete/mortar has to be placed on Deltabond EPFC when it is tacky. In case Deltabond EPFC has dried, apply second coat before placing the fresh concrete/mortar.


Mix 1.4 parts of Component A and 1 part of Component B. Mix for 3 minutes or until get uniform colour and consistency of the mixed material achieved. Mix only the amount that may be applied within the given pot life of the batch.


Coverage of Deltabond EPFC is 0,3 – 0,8 kg/m2 depending on substrate condition.





  Component A Component B >Mix
Form Liquid Paste Liquid
Colour Clear Brown colour Brown colour
Density 1.131 0.99 1.055
Viscosity (cps) 1250 35000 4650
Pot Life (hour) 0.5
STT (hour) 2
Packaging 4.6 kg set - (Enamel : 2.7 kg; Hardener : 1.9 kg)


Deltabond EPFC can cause skin irritations in persons with sensitive skin. Wear protective clothing like gloves, goggles and respiratory equipment, particularly in confined spaces. Ensure adequate ventilation and avoid inhalation of vapors. If splashed into the eyes, nose, mouth or throat, flush imeediately with plenty of clean, warm water and seek medical attention without delay.


Deltabond EPFC is a flammable material.

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