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Deltaproof WBS

Bitumen Based Waterproofing Coating


One component water based bitumen waterproofing coating, easy to apply and free of solvents, which provides elastic watertight membrane.


For external and internal use; waterproofing usage for wall, roof, brickwork, balconies, terraces, retaining wall, basement slab and ground water insulation.


·         Ready to use and easy to apply

·         Non flammable and free of solvents

·         Good adhesion to any substrates

·         Fast drying and waterproof with flexibility


Deltaproof WBS will have coverage of 2 - 3 m2 per litre per coat. Two or three coats are suggested depending on the surface condition.


The concrete surface should be sound, clean, free of oil, grease, dust or laitance, and damaged concrete should be repaired first. Deltaproof WBS is a ready for use product, but manual pre-mixing is highly recommended before applying the product to the surface, which can be brushed, rolled or sprayed.


Specific Gravity         

1.08 Kg/litre


Pastry Liquid



Tensile Elongation     

> 100%


20 kg pail


Deltaproof WBS has a shelf life of 12 months when kept in a dry storage of between 10 to 36 degree C, in the original and unopened packs.



Deltaproof WBS is a water-based bitumenous material, and during use, avoid inhalation contact with the skin or eyes. Wear suitable protective clothing - eye protection, gloves and respiratory equipment, particularly in confined spaces. In case of contact with the skin, rinse with plenty of clean water, then cleanse thoroughly with soap and water. Present contact with eyes and do not swallow.


Deltaproof WBS is a water-based material and is a non-flammable.

Deltaproof PUW20

PU Water Based Waterproofing Coating

Deltaproof PUW20 is excellent thixotropic elastic waterproofing, as well as high performance decorative coating, designed for horizontal and vertical structure. It is formulated with the latest PU Acrylic technology for exterior and interior applications.

•     Water–based, no–toxic, odourless, low Volatile Organic Compound
•     Easy to apply by brush, roller or spray
•     Available in 3 colours (white, dark grey and light grey)
•     Mould resistance

ADVANTAGES : As Waterproofing
•    Highly elastic and crack bridging
•    Excellent adhesion to the substrate even non porous substrate
•    UV resistance and very good dirt resistance
•    Water vapour permeable
•    Seamless membrane
•    Good resistance to light foot traffic
•    Various surfaces such as metal, concrete, brick wall, GRC, gypsum etc.

Waterproofing solution for concrete roof deck.
Waterproofing solution for external wall/ facade as well as decorative finishing.

Performances : As Decorative & Finish Coat
•    Good levelling performance
•    Excellent colour durability (non-fading colorant)
•    Good hiding power
•    Washable
•    Excellent Chalking resistance

As waterproofing & Protective    :  1 kg/m2
As decorative & Finish Coat         :  0,5 kg/m2

Surface Preparation
Correct substrate surface preparation is essential for new or remedial application
Concrete/cement surfaces to be treated must be clean, free from dirt, rust, grease, oil, mould or any other loose material. Make sure mouldy areas are wirebrushed, clean with soap and water then brushed again to eliminate any eliminate any remaining dirt. For optimum adhesion result of the Deltaproof PUW20 coat, the surface preferably primed with a Deltabond SB1 & cement mixture.


•    Deltaproof PUW20 can be easily brushed or rolled into hairline cracks in the concrete or wall.
•    To cover wide cracks Deltaproof PUW20 can be mixed with fine sand ( max 30 mesh ) in 1:1 by volume.
•    For areas where there are, wide crack, movement, strain, traffic, reinforcement is recommended by incorporating Polyester Mesh/ Supermesh into the first wet coat. A second coat of Deltaproof PUW20, or more coats if necessary, is the applied.

•    As Waterproofing & Protective
Brush / Roller application & Spray :
       Apply Deltaproof PUW20 evenly to the substrate surface following the recommended dosage. Ensure   the coat is dry before the next coat.
       Spray application :
    Deltaproof PUW20 is suitable for use with a spray system.

•    As Decorative & Finish Coat
Brush / Roller application :
Apply Deltaproof PUW20 evenly to the substrate surface following the recommended dosage. Ensure the coat is dry before the next coat. It is recommended to use thin and smooth feather roller.
Spray application :
Deltaproof PUW20 is suitable for use with a spray system.


Specific Gravity

1.25 ± 0.05

Viscosity (Brookfield RVT, Spindle 5; 20 rpm)

13.000 – 18.000 cps

Touch Dry

30 – 60 minutes (depend on temperature)

Final Set

2 – 3 hours (depend on temperature & humidity)

Light Foot Traffic (Open Air)

24 hours

Tensile Strength (ASTM D412)

Above 2.0 Mpa

Elongation at Break (ASTM D412)

Above 300 %

Adhesion (ASTM D4541 – 85)

Above 2.0 Mpa


4 kg gallon and 20 kg pail



Deltaproof PUW20 is non-flammable materials.


Deltamix WP Powder

Powder Integral Waterproofing Additive


Additive for concrete and mortar that increase the water tightness of concrete and mortar by reduces water absorption. Also to assist maximum compaction of fresh concrete, increase plasticity which ensure easier workability, and increase compressive strength.

Suitable for structural and precast concrete, floor topping such as screeds and granolithic toppings. Also for cement mortar as plastering material for wall, facade, floor and jointing. Best performance on basement slab and other underground structure.


  • Easy to use, with fixed recommended dosage.
  • Chloride free - ensuring no corrosion effect on re-bar.
  • Increase high early strength on concrete.
  • Enhance the water tightness of mortar and concrete.


Even though Deltamix WP Powder improve performance of the concrete, the concrete itself must have a good characteristic; good grading aggregates, with minimum cement content 355 kg/m3. Normal dosage of Deltamix WP Powder is 3 kg/m3 with maximum dosage 6 kg/m3. Trial mix before application on site is suggested to obtain the optimum dosage. Some retardation may occur in order to over dosage case, but it will not affect the ultimate strength of the concrete. The fresh concrete must be cured properly to reduce the risk of concrete cracking.

For watertight plastering mortar, use Deltamix WP Powder with the dosage of 1% of PC content or 400 gram of Deltamix WP Powder for 1 bag (40kg) of Portland Cement.

Recommended mix design for watertight mortar is 1 part of PC with 2 parts of well graded sand.


Form Powder
Colour Light Grey
Chloride Content Nil


Deltamix WP Powder is supplied in 25 kg bag.

Deltastop PVC

Centrally Placed PVC Waterstop

Deltastop PVC waterstops are manufactured from a high quality virgin PVC compound which has been formulated to give excellent flexibility and durability. They are available as straight lengths and factory produced intersections. Deltastop PVC centrally placed PVC waterstops are suitable for use in contact with potable water. Deltastop PVC waterstops are extruded in various range of profiles.

Basement and underground structure, dam, culvert, canal, bridge deck, swimming pool, reservoir, water tank, tunnel and subways, concrete roof and retaining wall.

Flexible to accommodate movement, simple on site jointing, four bulbs profile for excellent performance, reinforced eyeleted for positive fixing, suitable for portable water usage.

The appropriate waterstop width depends upon the concrete thickness. The width of waterstop should not be greater than the thickness of the concrete. Deltastop PVC has two types, namely for construction joints and expansion joints.

Deltastop PVC
should be installed by experience person so that they are securely held in their position while the concrete is being placed. Concrete must be fully compacted around the waterstops to ensure that no voids or porous area remain. The brass eyelets used for securing the waterstops are located outside the edge bulbs so as not to create water paths around the profile.

Do not inhale fumes when splicing.

Do not expose to sunlight for extended periods.

Deltacrete offers technical support package to consultants, contractors and users, as well as on site technical assistance.


Form Extruded Thermoplastic Sections
Tensile Strength > 14.5 N/mm2
Elongation At Break > 330 %
Hardness Shore ‘A’ > 70
Service Temperature - 10 to 550 C
Colour Black

For construction joint:
Deltastop PVC 150C 150 mm x 20 m roll
Deltastop PVC 200C 200 mm x 20 m roll
Deltastop PVC 250C 250 mm x 20 m roll

For expansion joint:
Deltastop PVC 150E 150 mm x 15 m roll
Deltastop PVC 200E 200 mm x 15 m roll
Deltastop PVC 250E 250 mm x 12 m roll

Deltastop PVC waterstops should be stored under covered condition.

Hot weld jointing of PVC waterstops results in the generation hydrogen chloride mist and vapour, therefore ventilation must be provided. Wear suitable protective clothing, eye protection, gloves and respiratory equipment during welding process.

Deltastop PVC is a flammable material.

Deltaproof TR

Traffic Resistant Waterproofing


Deltaproof TR is one component liquid water based waterproofing that is specially formulated for tropical climate protection. By using a high quality polymer, Deltaproof TR has characteristics that are excellent resistant to abrasion, weather and UV (ultra violet).

Normally applied in 4 coats incorporates with a layer of fiberglass / polyster mesh to develop high tensile strength waterproofing membrane and trafficable by foot or vechiles with ruber or plastic wheels.


Waterproofing for trafficable areas.


  • Easy application
  • Excellent adhesion & totally seamless
  • Traficable to foot, vehicle with rubber or plastic wheel
  • High elasticity over wide temperature range and specially modified for tropical climate protection.


Surface Preparation

Ensure that works surface is well braced against movement and deflection, all concrete must stell trowel, water falls toward outlets / gutter and water must not pond, clean, free from dust, oil, debris, and grind off all projected sharp objects. Concrete must fully cured.


  • 1. Primer
  • Wet works surface to reduce heat or surface temperature to avoid air pockets or reactions during priming process. To fill the pores, prime works surface thogroughly with Deltaproof TR ( 400 grams diluted it with max 15 % water, coverage 0.44 kg/m2 ).

  • 2. Wet on wet Application – 1st coat, Fiberglass/ Polyester Mesh and 2nd coat
  • Apply 1st coat with Deltaproof TR ( 200 grams dilute it with max 15 % water, coverage 0.23 kg/ m2 ). Instanlly lay one layer of fiberglass or polyester mesh. Apply 2nd coat with Deltaproof TR ( 200 grams dilute it with water water max 15 %, coverage 0.23 kg/ m2 ) to press down fiberglass and ensure no air entrapment or bridging. Ensure 2nd coats fully dry before installation of the next coat.

    Remove excess fiberglass strand from the finished surface. Ensure fully dry before installation of the finish coat.

  • 3. Finish Coat
  • Apply again with minimum 2 coats of Deltaproof TR ( each coverage 0.4 kg/m2 ). If any holes, repeat finish coat until non – holes when dry. Allow coating to dry between each coats.


    Form Liquid
    Colour Milky White
    Specific Gravity 1.42 gr/ ml
    Hardness ( shore A ) 55
    Tensile at break ( Mpa ) 8.27
    Elongation at break ( % ) 1.57
    Wet scrub resistance > 6000 cycle
    Coverage ( 4 x coating ) 1.6 kg/ m2


    Deltaproof TR is non – flammable material

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